Recycle cell phones. Recycle cell phone batteries

As a public service, San Juan Wireless recycles cell phones and  recycles cell phone batteries.

Once we finish with our electronic devices, like cell phones, they should not simply be thrown away.

Cell phones should not be thrown away in regular trash as they are, for the most part, considered hazardous waste.

Placing them in a landfill or incinerator, where they can release heavy metals into groundwater and air is not a good choice.

High-tech components are made up of some or all of the following: hazardous flame retardants, PVC, bromine, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, tin, calcium, and chromium.

Recycle your old cell phone or your old cell phone battery free at San Juan Wireless. You do not need to be a customers or make a purchase. Simply drop off the cell phone or cell battery.

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