Cell Phone Accessories, iPad Accessories and TV Accessories

Cell phone accessories

cases, cords, batteries, sim cards, and more

Accessories and Necessities for your cell phone, tablet, iPad and TV

Authorized dealer for  •Lifeproof  •White Diamond  •Mophie  •Plantronics  •Jawbone and  •Blue Ant
Authorized dealer for •Wilson Electronics
Authorized installer for •Wilson Electronics

•San Juan Wireless carries cell phone cases for cell phones. Cell cases that will protect it from water and damage such as the Lifeproof  considered the #1 safest case for your cell phone.
They also carry the Ballistic case to name just two.
•They also carry car charges for cell phone and i Pads
•Need an extra cord or an extra plug? San Juan Wireless has that
•Network extenders: many parts of the island do not receive strong cell signals
•Purchase an extender for your  home or office and watch those bars light up
•Extend area service in your car with an amplified antennae for autos
•Joy can put service in place for your i Pad or tablet

Here are just some of the accessories you will find in the store:

•Power Packs – for iPad, iPhones – great for on the go or emergencies
•LIFEPROOF for iPhones! Bike and Bar mount keep your phone safe while biking
•Memory cards
•Stylus Pens – write directly on certain tablets/pads
•MIFI 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot – wireless portable router create an internet without cords
•Broadband Router with voice – for home or office
•Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters
•Prepaid cell phone; no contract
•Batteries for cell phones
•Wall chargers
•Vehicle power adapters – allow you to stay charged on the go
•Headsets; corded or Bluetooth
•For the car: Bluetooth, Iron Man, Smoking Bud
•Sport Earphone; MP3 Player Bluetooth
•In car Bluetooth speakers for hands free cell service


If you purchased your phone or equipment at San Juan Wireless, information and service is free.
Need help getting into your voice mail? Or phone? (it happens) call or pop in. For a small fee San Juan Wireless will assist with cell phones not purchased at their store.

Come by and see what is new.
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